Leverage Twitter's Distraction Value to Stay Focused

Twitter by nature is a stream of distractions. I personally never keep Twitter open and visible while I’m working because I know I’ll be too easily derailed from whatever I’m doing. If Life Hacker reported that a single email arriving in your inbox can cost you over a minute of mental recovery time, Twitter’s rapid-fire updates could prove to be literally stupefying.

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July 3rd 2009
5:14 pm


Safari 4 Beta and Coda Tabs Joy

So the Safari beta 4 has landed and opinions are all over the place about the new features. The most consistent target for criticism has been the changes to the tab interface. Although the differences were a little disconcerting at first, I’ve come to love the new tabs and I even took a cue from Safari and decided to improve one of my most precious tools: Panic‘s Coda.

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February 28th 2009
12:32 pm

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