uTidyLib Fix

uTidyLib is a Python wrapper for the HTML Tidy Library. It’s a pretty handy library and is dead simple to use, but unfortunately it does not compile on Leopard out of the box. I wrote a quick patch to fix it, and will maintain a vendor branch on GitHub since development seems to have been abandoned years ago.

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March 15th 2009
1:41 pm


TextMate reStructuredText Bundle

TextMate is great for general editing of most text formats. By default, reStructuredText is not one of them. This document describes how to fix TextMate so that it is a better fit for the tools I work with. We want reStructuredText rendered previews and HTML export functions in TextMate.

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February 28th 2009
11:43 pm


Fixing Paver

I’ve been a fan of Paver since the first time I read about it. It gives me all of the control I want with just enough of an implied structure to keep things sane and easy. The problem was, I couldn’t get the latest version, which had many shiny new features. You know how I feel about shiny, so I obviously needed to find a way to run Paver’s trunk, lest I invalidate my work by targeting the almost-irrelevant current version.

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February 24th 2009
11:23 am

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